Beyond Trophy is the Grey Cup's Prestige

The Grey Cup as traced back to history is the label of the Canadian Football League (CFL) championship game and the trophy given to the winner of the Canadian football.

In 1907, Albert Grey with the Governor General of Canada, Earl Grey, intended to donate a trophy to the senior amateur hockey championship, however, before this, Sir Montague Allan donated the Allan Cup. Thus, Grey awarded the trophy to the amateur rugby football championship in 1909. However, two weeks before the first championship, the trophy was not ordered. Later after Allan Cup's reign, Grey presented his trophy as the "Canadian Dominion Football Championship."

The Grey Cup trophy was custom-built from sterling silver costing $48. It is 33 centimeters tall with a large base wherein players' names of winning teams are engraved. It has been damaged multiple times. In fact it was stolen twice and seized for ransom, and even subsisted from a fire.

The first CFL championship was held in December 1909 between Toronto Varsity Blues and the Parkdale Canoe Club wherein the former dominated. Matches were suspended put on hold because of the First World War from 1916 to 1918; and in 1919 caused by rules clash. Since the 1920s, championship match has been arranged in an East against West setup. Traditionally, games are played on a Sunday at the end of November, during an extreme weather. Recorded matches were even labeled based on the weather when they were held. Among these are, "Mud Bowl" in 1950, "Fog Bowl" in 1962, and "Ice Bowl" in 1977.

The Grey Cup has been conducted solely among Canadian teams with the exception from 1993 to 1995. During this time, the CFL extended to the U.S. giving Baltimore Stallions their win and the south border's first victory. The longest dynasty recorded was made by the Edmonton Eskimos having five consecutive victories from 1978 to 1982. The Toronto Argonauts has logged 16 championships. The 102nd championship last 2014 was ruled by the Calgary Stampeders.

Winning teams are given the perks to bring the trophy to their hometowns and conduct tours within Canada. The silver chalice always comes with a Hall of Fame representative.

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