Spread Betting In Football Uses The Point Spread Set In Vegas

Placing bets on football doesn't get more exciting than Spread betting. Other than the regular fixed odds, you can make the most of the game by dipping your toes in the spread betting football market.

What it Entails

This one works a little differently as compared to traditional gambling but revolves around some of the same basic principles. There are essentially four parts of the method

  • The event
  • The bookmaker
  • You
  • The Spread

How it works

Implementing this method in football can seem complicated at first but once you get the hang of it, it feels like second nature. To start off the bookmaker gets to select the event that you will be gambling on. He will then predict what will happen. This will be referred to as the point 'spread'. He will either bet on goals, on the corner or on bookings.

Once the initial step has been taken, you, as the bettor will have to decide whether to bet lower or higher. Ultimately, you will be either with or against the prediction made by the bookmaker.

What's the difference?

In fixed odds, your winnings will only be determined by a loss or a win. With this method however your winnings will be calculated according to two things; your prediction and the margin of win or loss.

The closer your prediction to the bookmaker is the higher the risk gets. This means that if you lost the bet, then the margin of loss will be higher if your prediction was drastically different. The same will apply in the opposite case.

It's important to be careful when using this strategy because of the volatile nature of gambling. Try to keep your predictions closer to those of the bookmaker. While this is the practical way to go, your winnings will not be drastically higher should you choose to go with a closer number.

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